K44/25 Leominster 25

Course Record 54:28, Pat Wright, Paceline RC, 25th July 2021

(formerly Danny Axford Arctic Tacx RT 2016)

Wheelers Record 55:44 Dan Wyatt 2021

Female Course Record: 2010 Paula Moseley (Climb On Bikes) 1:01:21

Female Hereford Wheeler 2017 Christie Jones 1:02:28


Meet and sign on in layby at Race start

Start - Map ref.509551 at southern end of lay-by on A49 Leominster by-pass opposite Stoke Prior road exit. Proceed north to A44 Island, circle and retrace to Marlbrook traffic island.
Circle and retrace back to A44 Island; circle and retrace again to the Marlbrook Island. Continue on A49 to fork left onto A417 to Burley Gate Island.
Turn and retrace, to Finish - Map ref.513529 at green road sign, 100 yards short of A49.


Stretton Sugwas 25

Course Record 52:11 Edmund Bradbury NFTO 2015

Wheelers Record 58:25 Paul Jones 2019

Female Course Record: 2017 Christie Jones (Hereford Wheelers) 1:02:26

Female Hereford Wheeler 2017 Christie Jones 1:02:26


Meet and sign on in car park of Stretton Sugwas Primary school just off A480

Start - Map ref.473424 Hereford to Stretton Sugwas road 215 yards east of island at junction with A480 opposite electricity pole on fence line 30 yards west of “ junction 300 yards “ sign.Ride westwards to island junction with A480.Take third exit along A480 through Credenhill Pedestrian lights to Sarnsfield crossroads junction with A4112.Turn left along A4112.to T junction with A4111 near Eardisley. Turn left along A4111/A438 to junction with A480 Kings Acre.Turn sharp left along A480 for 780 yards to Finish - Map ref.468423 at lamp standard 6633 approaching island at junction with A4103.


R25/8C Weobley

Course Record 51:48 Kieron Davies  2017

Wheelers Record 58:11 Henry Lort 2017

Female Course Record: 1:04:53 Christie Jones 2017

Female Hereford Wheeler 1:04:53 Christie Jones 2017



Meet and sign on at Weobley village hall on minor heading eadt from village centre

OS References: Sheet 149 - Start 387520 Finish 378497

Start at lay-by on A4112 west of junction with B4230. One mile west of Weobley. Proceed southwest through Sarnsfield, straight on at cross roads and through Kinnersley to junction with A438 (5.347 miles). Turn left with care and proceed straight on at next junction towards Hereford, through Letton, over Tin Hill, continue on A438, through Swainshill to Kings Acre Halt (16.495 miles). Turn left on A480, through Stretton Sugwas and Yazor. Remain on A480 at junction with B4230, through Eccles Green to Finish at Sun Valley Farm Entrance TB160 on left at approximately 1 mile beyond Eccles Green and ¾ mile short of junction with A4112.

Strava course details: http://www.strava.com/segments/hereford-wheelers-25-1223367